imageShekinah Glory Community School is praising God for His goodness.Over the past several months volunteers have been working hard to complete the school building with finished brickwork, a poured cement floor, a metal roof, a double pit latrine for boys and girls and a borehole to provide fresh water for the school and surrounding community.

Many people have been hard at work and renovations were going smoothly until an extreme wind storm in November took the roof off the school completely.This set back has not diminished the hopes of the children at Shekinah Glory Community School.Praise God the roof is now being salvaged and reconstructed and there are immediate plans for the well to be dug close by.

Each year WOW hosts a Christmas party for the school where children and teachers receive a hot meal, a handmade school uniform and school supplies to help them through the year.The birth of Jesus is celebrated through stories and games and the sharing of the Christmas story.Vismo, a sixteen year old girl, who was previously unable to go to school, says “Shekinah School has made me have hope for a better future.We had a Christmas party at Shekinah which made me feel cared for.The food we ate was very good.May the good Lord bless those who gave to help sponsor this party.”Plans are underway now for raising funds for this year’s party and we are very excited about meeting the needs of the Shekinah school in this way.

Please watch for updates and photos of the finished school in the New Year.