Loveness is her namesake; a young lady with such vibrancy that she is immediately noticed, when she comes into a room. She has six siblings, 4 boys and 2 girls. Loveness’s father is a committed Pastor in Mtandile,, within the community of Njewa, the area in which Somebody Cares Ministries is working in partnership with WOW Canada, executing different activities, like Home Based Care, youth ministry, widows and Pastoral meetings and trainings.

Love’s father fell ill and found that he could not use his legs. He failed to make it to church and so could no longer pastor. This meant that his income (the only one supporting the family) was no longer available. Love’s mother tried to find work but with such a large family, money became very scarce and times extremely hard. But the Nkhosa’s remained together, struggling from day to day.

Loveness then took on the task of caring for her entire family through odd jobs and later through selling items. As a result her school work suffered and she continued do worse. Eventually the strain was too much…school was put on the burner. She was out of school for close to two years but she was later given an opportunity to go back through the scholarships provided through SC and WOW. All of Love’s brothers and sisters are were given an opportunity to return to school, which has taken a huge burden off of her. Even though primary education is free, there are things like, uniforms and school supplies, and sometimes schools ask for money for something and when you don’t pay, the children are sent home until they do. Furthermore children that live in homes where food is a struggle also struggle in their desire for school, attention in school etc…So the change in adopting all the children into the school program changed so much for this family. And although Love remains responsible for the family in many ways, she rejoices at the fact that her family has seen the hand of God.

Love is a very active young lady who, looking at their situation at home, did not sit back and give up but stood up for her brothers and sisters by venturing into a small scale business of selling slippers, wraps and girls items knowing that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

She was and is able to contribute towards the family by providing them with basic needs. SC introduced a revolving fund which Loveness became one of the beneficiary and she applied for MK 15,000 ($106CAD) to top up her business so that she can become financially empowered and also be able to save more for her business.

As a strong believer, Love is also the leader of the youth ministry in Mtandile. She quotes her community as being “full of so much that can sway a young person. There is so much drinking and immoral living. So many young people are taken up with that. That is why I fight for the youth…to do something that has lasting results, for the good. And as to what God has done for me…it is just a miracle, what is happening to my family.”