While hosting a WOW Christmas Party at Shekinah Glory School, a young boy who was attending the school was brought to our attention. It was clear that this boy was in a terrible state. He was very quiet and did not appear happy despite the festivities of the party. His clothes were dirty and torn and he walked with a limp. On closer inspection it became clear that his leg was badly infected and grossly swollen. Immediately the School Co-ordinator for our partner Hands at Work in Zambia, Mbuzi, sat down to talk with the boy. He told us his name was Gift and that he was 11 years old. When he was very young he injured his right leg and it became infected. He was admitted to the local hospital where they found the wound severe enough that it needed to be operated on. While recovering in hospital, his mother stole him from his room and ran away with him. Shortly thereafter his mother died and the young boy was returned to his father. Unfortunately, Gift was not able to finish his course of antibiotics and the wound slowly grew worse.

Gift’s father remarried but his new wife did not care for Gift and for seven years, the leg wound was left untreated. Gift was not loved in all this time. He owns one pair of pants and two shirts, which he washes himself. Mbuzi made a note that Gift was mostly likely suffering from child abuse in the home. I thank God that Gift attends Shekinah Glory Community School where his situation has come to the attention of his teachers. Without a doubt Gift would be wandering the streets if he was not able to go to this school where school fees are not required.

Gift was immediately taken to the local clinic where they referred him to the hospital. He will likely need a second surgery but this time his treatment will be monitored by the Home Based Care Workers in his area.

Mbuzi went to visit Gift’s home to talk with his father. He admitted that Gift was not getting the proper attention and Mbuzi instructed him that it was his responsibility to ensure that Gift receives the care that he needs. She also promised that she would be following up on Gift’s home environment as well as how he is doing in school, in an attempt to motivate his father to become involved in this precious boys life. Please pray for Gift that he would grow strong both physically but also emotionally and spiritually and that he would know and trust in the love of his heavenly father.