When we first met Loveness, her family was on the brink of eviction from their humble dwelling in the slums of Mtandire. With her father paralyzed and unable to work, her mother’s meagre earnings from selling charcoal at the market weren’t enough to support the family.

Today, her life has radically transformed, and she credits everything to God.

At just 22 years old Loveness is the Youth Club Chairperson in her community through Someboday Cares – Visionledd’s local partner in Malawi. She organizes hundreds of youths and volunteers to carry out evangelical events in a community ravaged by HIV, AIDS, prostitution, alcohol, and poverty.

Through singing competitions, drama, organized soccer matches, door-to-door evangelism, and helping widows with daily chores, the youth in Mtandire have instigated an exciting and noticeable movement that is bringing more people to Christ everyday.


Loveness decided to follow Christ when she was 14 years old, after forming relationships with the volunteers and staff of Somebody Cares. From there she attended one of the bible classes and Youth Conference which completely changed her life – it was then that she knew God was calling her to a life in ministry.

She is now in school for theology, and her testimony eventually influenced her entire family to accept Jesus as their saviour. Her father who was once paralyzed, is now a walking, active pastor! (But that’s a story for another time).

As a young woman, Loveness is particularly interested in motivating other girls to live Christ-centred lives, and to find their worth through a relationship with Jesus. She told us that for girls, life in  Mtandire can be particularly hard. With no little education, few income opportunities, and cultural discrimination that puts girls in a position of vulnerability and powerlessness. Loveness said it  is all too common for young women to end up trapped in cycles of abuse and prostitution.

Her testimony is powerful, her purpose is clear. Loveness wants to make a difference right in her community, with whatever resources God has made available. The work is hard, the path is narrow, but Loveness is encouraged by the difference she sees when broken lives are transformed by an extraordinary God.

Loveness told us about John, who led a notoriously violent and corrupt life in Mtandire. After losing his job as a police officer, he used stolen guns to intimidate, steal, and hurt people. One day, he happened to listen in on one of the youth group’s drama and karaoke performances. He enjoyed it so much that he kept attending more and more events, even singing once himself! Eventually, John approached Loveness and said, “May I talk to you, leader?” From there, she was able to minister to him through reading the bible, books, prayer, and having discussions. Today, John is one of their most enthusiastic youth volunteers!

Loveness sometimes stands in awe that God chose her, a poor young woman from the slums to do His work. That people actually ask her to teach, that people actually care what she has to say. She gives all glory to God, and asks that we continue to pray for the youth and community of Mtandire.

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