Next week WOW will be sending a short-term team to Africa whose focus will be to provide training on the issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

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GBV is a massive issue that spans across cultures, religions and social classes. Therefore, it should not be surprising that approximately 3 out of 5 females in Malawi and Zambia are victims of violence.

GBV is far too common within the communities where WOW works. We recognize that if we are to serve the orphan and widow holistically we must end the plague of violence that attacks them.

Our partners on the ground created a campaign called Silent No More and have worked for some time to combat the issue of GBV through education, working with local authorities to convict perpetrators, and provide support for victims. The upcoming trip will be the next step in working together to eradicate GBV in WOW communities. The team consists of trained counsellors who have formulated a curriculum in consultation with our community partners on how to prevent sexual abuse, and rehabilitate and restore those who have been victims of it.


We know that we serve a mighty God who goes before us in all we do. Please join us in prayer for the team and communities involved in the training:


1) Pray for the team as they put finishing touches on the curriculum, say goodbye to loved ones for 3 weeks, and prepare physically and mentally for their experience overseas.

2) Pray for the relationship between the team and communities they will visit. Pray for partnership, open communication and dialogue, sensitivity to cultural differences, acceptance, friendships, a sense of oneness in the importance of this work, and unity in Christ.

3) Pray for the people who will be learning from the team. Pray for an understanding of the material, and an increased passion and motivation to combat GBV in their community.

4) Pray for the survivors of GBV. Pray for protection, healing and complete restoration in Jesus name. Pray that true justice will be served for each perpetrator but even more so that they would also find redemption in Christ.

5) Pray for the judicial systems in each country. Pray that they would work to protect the most vulnerable and that corruption within these systems would be eradicated. Pray that citizens would be able to trust police and those who are supposed to maintain the law.

6) Pray that GBV will be eradicated in sub-Saharan Africa (and around the world).

Our desire is to see God glorified as we seek justice in His name for those who have been exploited. Thank you for coming alongside the team and WOW communities in prayer.


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